Special Booking Conditions.

Special Booking Conditions.

These conditions are in addition to or an alternative to the normal booking terms found on Visit Södra Dalarna AB`s website.

2: Booking and booking confirmation.

In order to rent from Stardust Rental AB must one of the crew be 18 years of age.
We do not require a formal skipper`s certificate but this member of the crew needs sufficient knowledge of seamanship and navigation. This person should be the first on the booking confirmation and shall accept the responsibility of skipper of the boat.
The boat is not sanitized against allergies so pets are allowed as long as relevant rules are followed.
Eg:( dogs on a lead during hatching season).
No smoking inside.

If a skipper`s competence is doubtful, or if the skipper is suspected to be drug or alcohol affected,Stardust Rental AB staff have the right to refuse to accept the hire and any hire fee paid will be forfeit.

8: Cancellation fees.

Stardust Rental AB regulate boat hire in line with point 8.2 of General Conditions.

12: Rules.

The boat shall be returned with an empty septic tank and a full fuel tank. If not a fee of 1000 krs per tank will be charged. Emptying and filling of tanks is easiest at Stabergs Boat Club, and the fuel used for the return from Staberg to Främby Udde will not be charged. Due to the rules about sea petrolstation`s there will be a credit card on the boat for this use. All petrol consumption except the last filling will be charged.

The boat is insured. The skipper is responsible in full for any damage not covered by the insurance.

Own risk information is found under ”Prices”.

14: Conditions for passing on Bookings to a Second Person.

Bookings can be passed on to others only with permission from Stardust Rental AB.


General Conditions apply in other cases.



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